Who we are?

Hello I am Luis Felipe Avella, co founder and CEO of Factoria Quinoa. Since I was student, researcher and university teacher I have been working for a business model capable of an Evolution in Nutrition, in the framework of a sustainable trade chain.

In Factoria Quinoa we work with five different communities with a mantra of love, friendship and partnership to achieve a sustainable peace in Colombia and a better world.

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Our 5 Communities

Our Producer Community is located in the Andean mountains of Colombia and Ecuador. They are families with crops of 1 hectare on average, sowing the best food in the world: Quinoa.

Approximately 40% of them are peasants descendants of indigenous ancestral cultures and 60% are indigenous ancestral cultures now trying to survive. Approximately 60% of their Quinoa is produced regaining the wisdom of organic cultivation (without pesticides or chemical inputs), 40% are producers with international certifications that guarantee the traceability of their organic crops.

Quinoasure is seeking to honor 5,000 families of these quinoa producers in Colombia and Ecuador, supporting knowledge and best practices with their transition to organic certification.

Two very nice women who cook quinoa every day in our kitchen and clean our offices. A team of 21 technicians who handle with love, a factory capable of producing 10,000 tons / year of quinoa grain (99.96% purity) and 2,000 tons / year of instant quinoa, which can grow up to 8,000 tons / year. Three Chemical Engineers, three industrial engineers, one food engineer, three accountants, one business manager, one expert in international marketing , one graphic designer, one publicist, two nutritionists, one healthy cook and two logistics experts.

A team with a group of WhatsApp, called Family Quinoasure, confident that we will improve the world with your support

Friends and distributors of Quinoasure in Colombia, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, USA, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Brazil, Chile, Italia, Spain, UK, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia the Arab Emirates among other countries that have begun the process in the Quinoasure nutrition evolution.

Our distributors found in Quinoasure a brand that represents a dream that was taken into action towards creating a better world. Along their side we will be able to create an evolution in nutrition for millions of people.

QUINOASURE is focused on people: our goal is to reach babies, mothers, students, single consumers, athletes, active lifestyle consumers, the elderly, families and people of all ages, nationalities and credence’s, all of which would receive the worlds best quinoa at the best price with the best support of nutritionist and healthy chefs.

Due to our business model, Factoria Quinoa has been named as 1 of the 40 companies able to change the world by Unreasonable Institute USA., 1 in 30 companies with the higher social impact in latin america by New Ventures of Mexico and 1 in 10 companies named as most innovative in Colombia by the Government of Colombia.

There are universities, foundations and public organizations and non-profit organizations that wish to work with us to achieve a sustainable peace in Colombia and a better world. If you want to support us please write to club@quinoasure.com