Quinoa “arepuela”

1 cup Quinoa grain
2 tablespoons Quinoasure Instant Quinoa
3 cups water
Salt and pepper to taste

In a saucepan bring to a boil 3 cups water, add the Quinoa and cook for 35 minutes (remember that we will overcook the quinoa to add more texture to the mass).  Once is cooked, drain the water.
In a bowl, mix the quinoa with salt and Quinoasure Instant Quinoa Powder.
Leave the dough until it feels cold enough to be manipulated.
Now, let’s shape the arepuelas with the help of two shallow dishes and a plastic bag. Let’s make a kind of sandwich: in the middle of the dishes extend the plastic bag, and in the middle of it put a ball of dough, then press the two dishes against each other until you get the desired thickness of the arepuelas.
Immediately, seal the arepuelas in a slightly greased griddle.
You can eat them immediately or freeze them, separating from each other with a plastic film to prevent sticking.