Our Quinoa grain, cultivated with love.

Our Quinoa Grain has a 99,96% purity. We are now Selling in Japan mainly due to its purity and high quality. Ideal for people of all ages.

According to the UN quinoa is the most complete nourishment for the human being because of its balance of nutrients: complete protein with all essential amino acids, fats mainly omega 3 and 6, fiber, minerals, vitamins, bioactive, and more. Quinoa is hypoallergenic and its highly similar to the nutrition of breast milk.

Quinoasure is the company with the most advance processing plant in Colombia with the ability to clean the quinoa grain to its purest point. That’s why its the only Colombian Quinoa grain able to export to Japan.

Each machine and its software is linked to the cleaning process and the removal of the first layer of saponin, which is a slightly toxic layer around the quinoa grain, equipment are calibrated exclusively for quinoa grains, in other to protect the proteins and calcium nutrients that are just below the layer of saponin.

The only product that goes through the processing plant are quinoa grains, this way we avoid the risk of cross-contamination with allergens like gluten, lactose, soy or products with transgenic origin.

Quinoa is the perfect substitute for white rice, and its great in a combination such as 50% quinoa – 50% brown rice. To prepare delicious and nutritionally balanced meals according to your needs. Check out Clara Correa’s recipes to learn how to apply quinoa grain and quinoa powder in your daily diet.