Quinoasure Instant Quinoa Powder

The most awarded, Instant Quinoa powder for people of all ages.

Instant quinoa powder has a very specific technological process that gives higher nutritional recognition in the human body.

Our Instant Quinoa Powder, reduces the anti-nutrient factors and improves functional properties (solubility, stability) and organoleptic (color, flavor, aroma) than a normal quinoa grain or simple quinoa flower. Today is the most awarded quinoa around the world innovating and reaching more than 20 countries in South America, Asia, USA, Europe and The Middle East.

By adding just 2 tablespoons of Instant Quinoa Powder in any of your natural plates or beverages (vegetable or fruit) you are transforming it into highly nutritional meal. If you want to learn how to improve your food, making it highly nutritional using instant quinoa powder, according to your personal and your family needs feel free to check out the recipes created by our chef Clara Correa.

Nutritional benefits of our Instant Quinoa
for people of 1 to 100 years

  • Our quinoa has lots of vitamins and minerals that are essential for the children growth. Because Quinoasure products are so pure and natural they Boosts Kids mental and physical development.
  • It has a very similar profile of amino acids to breast milk, therefore it is ideal to complement breastfeeding.
  • Quinoasure is a hypoallergenic, ideal for strengthening the feeding.
  • Stimulates the development of motor function.
  • Quinoasure product have Histidine, an essential amino acid during childhood that promotes growth and repairs tissues, also high contributor to the production of red and white cells.
  • It has unsaturated fats like omega 6 and omega 3 whom allow a proper development of the brain.



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  • Quinoasure helps prevents fetal malformations thanks to the amount of folic acid which is an important nutrient during pregnancy.
  • Strengthens muscle, bones and child growth. Due to its high dose of calcium, iron and folic acid Quinoasure complements nutrition during pregnancy.
  • Quinoa has an enormous amount of fiber, it helps with digestion, preventing constipation and abdominal distention and reduces pregnancy symptoms.
  • Due to Quinoasures high antioxidant content it helps prevent the growth of uterine and breast cancer.
  • Due to the quantity and quality of the natural proteins, minerals and vitamins in quinoa stimulates the production of breast milk.

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  • It stimulates the growth of muscle fibers, increasing lean body mass.
  • Quinoasure contains 2% more quality protein than a boiled egg and it’s digestibility is faster.
  • It provides energy and nutrients for physical activity, it contains complex carbohydrates, ideal for carrying out intensive exercise.
  • Its high content of calcium, phosphorus and potassium increases the ease of joint movement.
  • Their phytochemical components such as phytoecdysteroids, protein stimulate synthesis muscle, favoring the building of lean mass.


  • Its great contribution of fiber, fat and protein generate a feeling of fullness, while promoting weight control
  • Quinoasure Promotes proper absorption of the nutrients.
  • It contains complete vegetable protein without the addition of saturated fats.
  • Quinoasure is an excellent hypoallergenic that helps reduce inflammation and promotes detoxification of the body.
  • Diets with high intake of high quality protein, low in fat and carbohydrates, effectively promote weight loss, for these reasons Quinoasure is an ideal nutrient to include in your daily diet.


  • Improves colon health.
  • Reduces constipation.
  • Slows the aging process.
  • Improves brain health, digestion and energy.
  • Improves muscle strength and endurance.
  • Enhanced immune system.
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  • Reduction of infections by pathogenic bacteria and fungi.
  • Menopausal hormonal balance.
  • It supports the development of bones and maintaining the overall health.